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• Vertical drilling services
• De – watering drilling services
• Hand drilling services
• Super fast hydraulic drilling services
• Water well drilling
• Deep drilling services
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The organization is recommending, the suitable engines and pushes according to the depth of the bore and h2o source. Not only that our organization fitting those machineries with the help of our qualified technicians to get the h2o out. If you fit the wrong engine, you would be able to get only 800 ltr. h2o instead of 3000 ltr. h2o per hour. Also engines get burned if you fit hollywood engine in the low level h2o source.
Panel board and switches of the engine and pushes are getting damages due to wrong calculations of the electrical powers. This organization is standing first in advising suitable engines and pushes also fitting those machineries with the help of the high qualified technicians.

Rain Water Harvesting Methods

Tests conducting while cleaning

• Rain water harvesting through percolation pit method.
• Rain water harvesting through broken brick method.
• Rain water harvesting through well cum canal cum percolation pit method.
• Rain water harvesting through open wells.
• Rain water harvesting through defunct bore well method.
• Rain water harvesting through ponds.
• Rain water harvesting through ditch and furrow storage.
• Rain water harvesting through recharge wells.
• Rain water harvesting through service well cum recharge well method.


Our effective Dewatering Venture has several levels. In the development market, the appearance that "a developing is only as good as its foundation" provides significant amounts of credibility. Many aspects are taken into consideration when a developing base is set, and one of the most important techniques offers with the effective control of the ground water prior to its positioning. This procedure is known as 'Dewatering' in the development market.
The procedure of Dewatering suggested base excavation is not easy. A Dewatering Specialist or Exploration Specialist providing dewatering solutions, must understand a well-directed procedure of specific research, planning, and execution must be followed to help make project effective. If any prospective risks, such as misinterpretation of the subsurface dirt are permitted to prevent the procedure, serious problems can happen during development, converting into significant price overruns and setbacks. Therefore, it becomes crucial that an company takes liability for dewatering by performing a advanced level of skills and experienced employees to repair all prospective risks in the effort to keep a job safe, on the routine and within the budget. The lack of professionalism, reliability, reliability and proficiency of a Dewatering Specialist, or Exploration Specialist providing dewatering solutions, often results in project price overruns and setbacks.


• Groundwater Geophysics / Survey
• Groundwater Exploration & Exploitation
• Selection of Site Using Electrical Resistivity Survey

Yield test report

Our company are prepared with most advanced technological innovation and supported by extremely certified and knowledgeable experts who can figure out the quality of water, which can be produced in a day from a Carried water wells using air air compressor, V Level, over moving with gun barrel and stopwatch and step attracted down methods.

• Flushing and Cleaning of Carried water wells with Air Compressors
Existing Carried water wells both effective and defunct can be enhanced / recharged by using underhand air converters and also by substance treatment to the pores and spots of Carried water wells.

• Selection Supply and Set up of Pump
We offer the service for choosing appropriate moving equipment based on the gas particularly produced by performing generate test to save power and to give the best possible performance of the system.